Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl
Gesundheit ist die Harmonie von
Körper, Geist und Seele
Wir betrachten den Menschen in seiner Gesamtheit
und nicht nur ein Symptom

Chinese dietetics

Chinese dietetics

It would be impossible to imagine traditional Chinese medicine without Chinese dietetics as a form of treatment.

The ancient Chinese taught that medicine and the doctrine of nutrition had the same origins.

In China, the preoccupation with nutrition and medicine has a very long tradition and can be traced back to the third millennium BC.

In Chinese medicine, illness is perceived as a disharmony between yin and yang and thus as an unbalanced relationship of the qui in the human organism.

In Chinese dietetics, foodstuffs are described according to certain paradigms:

  • their temperature behaviour
  • their taste
  • their energetic effects
  • their relationship to the feedback circuit

According to the doctrines of Chinese dietetics, the targeted use of foodstuffs is suitable for treating an imbalance or a disharmony pattern and for restoring a balance.

It is thus possible to treat chronic illnesses such as paranasal sinusitis with the help of nothing but Chinese dietetics. This means that the person providing treatment should be expert in the doctrines of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese dietetics and can put together individual nutritional plans according to the principles of Chinese dietetics.

The connection with modern Western aspects of nutrition is established and modern discoveries of Western nutritional medicine are incorporated into the approach.