Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl

Health is the harmony of body,
mind and soul

We look at the human being in its entirety
and not only a symptom

Prävention & Therapie

Prevention & Therapy

TCM against stress,
depression and burnout

Kopfschmerzen & Migräne

Headache & Migraine

Get to the bottom
of the many causes

Starkes Immunsystem

Strong immune system

Avoid allergies
and intolerances

Chronische Erkrankungen

Chronic diseases

Compensate energy deficiency
with oxygen cell training

The combination of conventional medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The best of both worlds for your health and quality of life

How can I promote health, the immune system, metabolism, mental and physical balance and vitality? In case of illness, how can I support the self-healing powers to recover?

Complaints – no matter what kind – often have several triggers. It is therefore important to us that we view you in your entirety and include the interaction between your body, your mind and your soul in the diagnosis and treatment. We combine conventional medical knowledge with the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our focus is on psychiatric, neurological and psychosomatic diseases.

Conventional medicine and complementary treatments go hand in hand in our practice