Health is the harmony of body,
mind and soul

We look at the human being in its entirety
and not only a symptom


Healing methods of naturopathy

"Health is not only the absence of disease".

Who has not experienced it themselves: All findings are normal, but you still do not feel well, not vital, not happy. Very often, people then speak of “mood disorders”. There are many reasons for this: Overstimulation, environmental toxins, contaminated, nutrient-poor food, lack of exercise, stress …

Naturopathy considers the totality of body, soul and spirit in a holistic approach. A naturopathic treatment stimulates the self-healing powers and strives for an inner balance.

In our specialist practice for neurology and psychiatry in Norderstedt near Hamburg, we complement and combine conventional medical treatments for various clinical pictures individually with naturopathic procedures:

Chinese Dietetics:

According to the teachings of Chinese dietetics, the targeted use of foods is suitable for treating an imbalance or disharmony so that a balance is restored in the organism.
Foods are described here in terms of their temperature behavior, their taste, their energetic effect tendency as well as according to their functional circle reference.

Accompanying treatment of chemotherapy patients to reduce side effects using Chinese herbal therapy and application of Leibowitz treatment.

Nutrition Medicine:

Both overeating and malnutrition can lead to chronic diseases over the years. As a certified nutritionist, Dr. Angela Stahl tailors her nutritional advice to you and your individual circumstances. The basis for this is an individual nutritional analysis.

TCM drug therapy:

More than 2/3 of all treatments in Chinese medicine involve drug therapy. It is therefore essential in the treatment of very many diseases.

Microbiological diagnostics and therapy:

The condition of the intestinal flora and the intestinal mucosa are very important for our health. Disorders in this system can cause a variety of ailments, such as respiratory, ENT, genitourinary and skin diseases, as well as allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, fatty liver, chronic fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, obesity or arteriosclerosis. By means of accurate stool and blood diagnostics we can initiate individual therapies.

Orthomolecular therapy:

Optimal health and resistance to diseases are achieved when, as far as possible, all the body’s own substances are present in the organism in optimal quantities. Orthomolecular medicine is based on the use of micronutrients to prevent and treat diseases or health disorders. With an additional intake of vitamins, vitaminoids, minerals and trace elements as well as the omega-3 fatty acids, your vital substance balance can be decisively improved and thus your health and vitality optimized.

Symbiosis control:

80% of our immune system is busy around the clock protecting an intestinal surface of 300 square meters from 100 trillion microbes from the gut. Many people suffer from a disturbed intestinal flora. By means of symbiosis control (microbiological therapy), the bacterial balance in the intestine is restored and a healthy intestinal environment is established (intestinal rehabilitation).

TENS therapy:

TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is used primarily for the treatment of pain (analgesia) and for muscle stimulation. The threshold for pain perception is raised by systematic electrical overstimulation of the pain-conducting nerves.

Holistic, naturopathic and conventional medicine-based therapy for herniated discs:

Acute or chronic back pain is often based on a neurological disease that requires immediate clarification. Comprehensive diagnostics enable treatment to be started quickly so that consequential damage can be avoided. Acupuncture and phytotherapeutic injections based on naturopathic methods, for example, can be used for acute therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture:

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), physical complaints and diseases are attributed to blockages in the flow of energy in the body. The aim of acupuncture is to influence the Qi, i.e. to release those energy blockages by stimulating the acupuncture points and the meridians.

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