Health is the harmony of body,
mind and soul

We look at the human being in its entirety
and not only a symptom


Psychiatry - when mind and soul become ill

Deviations from the norm in thinking, feeling or acting

Psychiatry deals with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of mental and psychosomatic disorders. Physical, psychological or genetic factors can cause people to develop manifest symptoms of a mental disorder. Then pathological changes and disturbances of the feelings, thinking, but also of the behavior can be present. In many of those affected, mood, memory and individual experience are also altered.

People suffering from mental health problems often feel misunderstood by others. For those affected, it is often not only difficult to cope with their own mental problems and their symptoms – it is even more stressful for them that their fellow human beings often do not understand their specific behavior and ways of thinking. Moreover, unlike a broken foot, for example, a mental illness is rarely visible.

In addition, mental illness is often associated with “being crazy”. However, mental health problems have nothing to do with either a personal weakness or an imagined illness.


Accepting help for mental illness

Mental health disorders can greatly affect daily life. Important to know: Many mental health disorders can be treated well, especially if diagnosis and treatment are done as early as possible.

Mental illness often manifests itself in the following symptoms:

The way back to life: Diagnosis and therapy

In our practice for neurology and psychiatry we combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with the methods of modern psychosomatics. We diagnose and treat mental illnesses according to holistic aspects:

Holistic therapy means that we understand your physical and psychological condition as belonging together. Thus, in holistic therapy we always consider you as a whole. Possible treatment methods are: