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Neurology - diseases of the nervous system and musculature

Relief of neurological complaints with TCM

Neurology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. This includes functional disorders of the brain and spinal cord, which together form the central nervous system (CNS). The neurological specialty also deals with the peripheral nervous system (PNS). For example, your muscle movements are controlled and sensory impressions are transmitted via this system.

Hundreds of billions of nerve cells are responsible for ensuring that information reaches the brain from the sensory organs and vice versa. If the switching cells between the nerve cells become unbalanced, various complaints can occur. Typical neurological symptoms include

The causes of the complaints are manifold. There are often smooth transitions between neurological and psychologically based health problems.

Dekoration Praxis Dr. Angela Stahl

Before any therapy, there is diagnosis

What symptoms do you have and what does the physical examination show? Even a careful anamnesis gives us valuable information about your possible illness. We can then confirm our initial diagnosis by means of various instrumental testing procedures.

Therapy of neurological diseases

For a long time, neurology was considered a medical specialty that could accurately diagnose many diseases, but could hardly treat the diseases. Today, we have conventional medical therapies available for many diseases, which positively influence the disease process.

Likewise, neurological complaints can be alleviated with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The reason for this is the similarity of our nervous system with the meridians (acupuncture pathways) described by TCM. Like a network of roads with main roads, side roads down to the smallest ramifications, nerves as well as meridians run through the organism. Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs we can support your recovery.

Praxisraum Dr. Angela Stahl

In our practice we offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for neurological diseases: