Health is the harmony of body,
mind and soul

We look at the human being in its entirety
and not only a symptom


Nutritional medicine - the influence of nutrition on health

With nutritional analysis we determine your individual nutritional situation

Many diseases can be traced back to poor nutrition. That is why modern nutritional medicine is an important cornerstone of our practice. Your doctor Dr. Angela Stahl is certified for nutritional medicine.

Obesity or adiposity, but also high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders, headache syndromes, gout or rarer diseases such as sprue or celiac disease, malabsorption and malassimilation syndromes (digestive disorders that correlate with certain diseases of our small or large intestine) are among the diseases caused by improper diet can be triggered.

Creation of nutrition plans

After analyzing your eating habits and the respective individual nutrition-specific basic problem, we can create individual nutrition plans on request. It often makes sense to carry out an additional microbiological diagnosis and, if necessary, an intestinal cleansing.

Individual nutritional advice can ultimately be very useful for everyone. Within the framework of nutritional medicine, we have focused on developing individual nutrition plans in our practice for people who suffer from the following diseases:

When providing nutritional advice, we always integrate the principles of TCM dietetics.

Erstellung von Ernährungsplänen