Health is the harmony of body,
mind and soul

We look at the human being in its entirety
and not only a symptom

Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl

Dr. Angela Stahl: My practice philosophy

Modern Orthodox Medicine Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine

I am often asked in everyday clinical practice what the basis of my medical practice is. Then I like to refer to my self-developed practice logo, which represents the connection of body, mind and soul.

Often, in this country, only the findings and not the actual condition of a person are of interest. If all the results of the physical examination and the imaging procedures as well as the laboratory values are unremarkable, one is often labeled with the pseudo-diagnosis of a “psycho-vegetative dysfunction” and fobbed off with the sentence “You’ll have to live with it. The only thing is that this will not help you!

In my opinion, Western pure orthodox medicine does not take into account the aspect of the wholeness of the human being. Simply considered, we consist of a body with flesh and blood, a soul, and we have an energetics, a spirit. Ultimately, this is already written in the Bible. Any medical system that refers to only one of the three components must fail. To the understanding of the wholeness of a human being belongs also the understanding of the interaction between body, spirit and soul.

Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl

In my logo, I have tried to express this interdependence in the form of an isosceles triangle. It is meant to illustrate that all three components are important for a certain stability. The simultaneous consideration of body, soul and spirit is necessary to have a basic understanding about the symptoms of a person and their meaning and to apply sufficient healing measures.

Conventional Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine complement each other

Even in this day and age, conventional medical diagnostics are indispensable. If we imagine a person with a severe headache, this headache must, of course, first be clarified in a clinical-neurological examination and accordingly with brain images, evoked potentials, Doppler sonographies and imaging diagnostics.

The real work begins when no abnormal findings are found and all measured values are regular. Then the soul and the energetics are in demand, i.e. depth-psychological connections, which raise a reference to the sense of the symptoms, should be examined.

In particular, according to the criteria of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the specific energetics of the sick person should be clarified in its 5 phases of transformation and their corresponding systems.

Die 5 Elemente

The 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

The results of the depth psychological analysis and the naming of the underlying emotions often coincide with the results of the Traditional Chinese Diagnostics and their emotional correspondence patterns. Thereupon, an individual treatment program can be set up for the individual on the basis of a completed conventional medical diagnosis, psychological analysis and energetic anamnesis.

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