Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl
Gesundheit ist die Harmonie von
Körper, Geist und Seele
Wir betrachten den Menschen in seiner Gesamtheit
und nicht nur ein Symptom

Neurology / Psychiatry

Evoked responses

Changes in the relevant cerebral activity are provoked with the help of external stimulants that reach the brain via the peripheral nerves in the arm and leg, the visual pathway and the auditory nerve. If pathological processes are present in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, pathological evoked processes can be derived. We examine:

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Biofeedback treatment

As a treatment method, biofeedback training is indicated particularly in the treatment of headaches (migraine and tension-related headaches) and inner restlessness and nervousness. A sensor measures the muscle tension, the electrical activity in the brain or the blood vessels. The results are displayed on a screen. The patient, under professional instruction, then trains to improve these readings

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Brain-fit check

Older people often fear an early form of Alzheimer’s disease. They notice that they have recently become unusually forgetful or absent-minded. By that we do not mean normal forgetfulness, which may increase with advancing age and often has to be distinguished from a lack of concentration. In a precautionary check, we ascertain whether or not

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