Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl
Gesundheit ist die Harmonie von
Körper, Geist und Seele
Wir betrachten den Menschen in seiner Gesamtheit
und nicht nur ein Symptom

Brain-fit check

Older people often fear an early form of Alzheimer’s disease. They notice that they have recently become unusually forgetful or absent-minded.

By that we do not mean normal forgetfulness, which may increase with advancing age and often has to be distinguished from a lack of concentration.

In a precautionary check, we ascertain whether or not this early form of Alzheimer’s disease can be discerned in these symptoms.

The check includes a neurological examination, an electroencephalogram and psychological test checks.

These check-up examinations help us to establish whether the patient is suffering from a brain power deficit that goes beyond the normal level for his/her age (see Alzheimer’s disease).