Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl
Gesundheit ist die Harmonie von
Körper, Geist und Seele
Wir betrachten den Menschen in seiner Gesamtheit
und nicht nur ein Symptom

Rhizoma phragmatis (reed rhizome)

Bild vom Schilfrohrwurzelstock

Rhizoma Phragmatis belongs to the Gramineae, or grass family.

The refrigerant has a clear relationship with the lung and stomach feedback circuit and is used to treat syndromes in which heat in these circuits has to be cooled. It is used particularly in the treatment of high fever, thirst, restlessness, bronchitis, lung abscesses, eructation and vomiting and feverish disorders with exanthema.
Rhizoma phragmatis is contained in, for example, Folium mori and chrysanthemum potion (Sang Ju Yin).