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Withdrawal from smoking

Nicotine is a highly effective poison for the vessels. Smokers regulate the nicotine content of the blood through the frequency and depth of their inhalations. The nicotine reaches the brain in a matter of seconds. In small quantities it often has a stimulating or calming effect. Feelings of listlessness, hunger or tiredness can be regulated temporarily.

Stressed smokers have a subjective feeling that they can prevent declines in their performance by lighting a cigarette.

At times of increased stress they feel a certain calming effect.

Smoking is the most important avoidable individual cause of premature frequent illness, invalidity and death.

Smokers frequently suffer from:

  • cancer
  • pulmonary emphysema
  • heart attacks, strokes and smoker’s leg
  • gastritis
  • stomach and duodenal ulcers
  • a host of other illnesses

The toxicants:

The burning of a cigarette generates around two litres of smoke which, as well as nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar, contain more than 300 chemical compounds.

These include:

  • ammonia
  • prussic acid
  • nitric oxide
  • acrolein
  • toluene
  • pyridine
  • lead
  • zinc
  • nitrosamine
  • hydrazine
  • benzpyrene
  • nickel
  • formaldehyde
  • aniline
  • cadmium

Cigarettes are proven to contain more than 40 carcinogenic substances.

In addition to that, smoking causes considerable damage to the vascular system and leads to the contraction and calcification of the blood vessels, and thus to the stroke.

Tar is deposited in the lungs.

The consumption of 20 cigarettes per day represents an intake of one cup of tar per year, which causes massive damage to the windpipe, the bronchi with their cilia and the alveoli.

The cilia lose their ability to move and are later destroyed, with the result that the self-cleansing process of the respiratory system no longer functions.

Smokers cough frequently in an attempt to get rid of the unclean substances that were left behind. All of this damage often results in chronic bronchitis.

If we assume a consumption of 20 cigarettes per day, the smoker in question spends almost EUR 1.000 per year on cigarettes.

A smoker who has smoked since his twelfth year and is now 50 years old has spent approx. EUR 125 – 150,000 on cigarettes and taken in 3,000 – 4,000 g of tar and 300 – 400 g of nicotine.

Many people find it very difficult to give up smoking. Every third smoker has already made a serious attempt to do so.Many failed, since most smokers are addicted to nicotine.

For addicted smokers, the support and help of their doctors is indispensable.

That is why our surgery offers a programme for weaning patients off smoking.

To do this, we avail ourselves of the following methods:

  • ear acupuncture
  • Korean hand acupuncture
  • acupuncture
  • talks with the doctor, in groups if appropriate
  • orthomolecular medicine

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