Praxis Dr. med. Angela Stahl
Gesundheit ist die Harmonie von
Körper, Geist und Seele
Wir betrachten den Menschen in seiner Gesamtheit
und nicht nur ein Symptom

Concha ostrae (oyster shell)

Abbildung der Austernmuschelschalen

Concha ostrae belongs to the Ostridae (oysters) group. It is part of the group of reductive, mind-calming medicines and is also used very frequently in the psychiatric field.
Thanks to its sedative effects, it is administered in the treatment of excessive heart yang processes that can manifest themselves in restlessness, sleeplessness, anxiety and arrhythmia.

Concha ostrae can also be used to treat spontaneous sweating, nocturnal sweating, spontaneous seminal loss, etc. in the area of yin insufficiency processes and general weakness of the Orbis Rhenalis.
Those are the main indications.

Concha ostrae is one of the most important sedatives. It is capable of anchoring the shen.
It is contained in, for example, the Radix bupleurium decoction with Concha ostrae (Zhai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang).